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people joke that star trek and star wars sound really similar and are really similar in subject matter but imo the difference between a trek and a war is immense and very important

Like the difference between Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. Both are good but one is more whimsical and the other is more serious and complex.

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jadzu12 replied to your post “Being 26 makes me sad… My mom pointed out I had white hairs yesterday……”

Getting white hairs at 26? Sounds like you might need to work on getting rid of some stress in your life.

That’s what my mom said… but idk, I’ve seen a guy have white hairs in his late 20s before too…. I don’t think it’s uncommon but people probably try & hide them for a while generally… I pulled them out a few times when they first showed up/ 

I got my first white hair at 22 D-: but I have had a lot of stress.